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This century old house was built in the late eighteen hundreds by Thomas R. Bennett, who was established fishery supply businessman. Bennett lived in the residence for over twenty years before he passed away.


In 1901 the house was sold to a permanent Harbour Grace merchant (Mr. Cron) who raised his ten children in the residence. The house stayed in Cron’s family from 1901 till 1972.


Fast forward to the twentieth century, the house evolved into bed and breakfast establishment which was well known by the locals in Harbour Grace. 

orciginal house.png
The History
Belle View Manor Inn

And Now!

A new chapter is being added to the history of this fabulous residence known as Belle View Manor Inn by Marlena and Dzmitry. 

Marlena grew up in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and used to work at the establishment when it was formerly known as The Rose Manor. 

When the opportunity came, Marlena and Dzmitry could not pass up being part of this history making establishment and they can't wait to show everyone what makes it so special. 

Please come experience and see for yourselves what Belle View has to offer. 

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